Philip Daniel Miles

I am the founder of the spiritual community hub Unifying Perspectives, a gifted Astrologer studying with many other acclaimed well known and certified academically gifted and experienced astrologers, as a passionate heart based life coach sharing reflections on the empowerment of the soul. 

After searching for depth and meaning I have found that exploring outwardly will always lead us back within the central space of our own heart, this is where the seeds of the stars reside. Each of our energy points within our temple beckon us within the experience of embodying wholeness, these traditional templates are seen as reflected through the cognitive nature of the wandering planetary cycles. 

I have a natural ability to share the experience of knowing the mechanics of Astrology transits mirrored from our sky clock in all our experiences as well as through the deep meaning within each of the archetypes upon request. In sharing the empowerment of others to academic knowledge I also offer radical expression of the mythical stories told using the philosophy of this fine craft. A quality that allows those listening to feel the energy in motion within the templates of our own experience which can offer tremendous healing and inner reflection. 

I also offer great marketing advice to the big brand business community pioneers as well as independent traders, listening to clients ideas and plans about their products. I have a gift to reframe as well as share ideas from another perspective that is out of the box, yet also malleable and easy for the collective as well as colleagues to digest. I create  much joy, whipping up  a storm of uplifting moral whilst advancing the ethos of the sales process, while complimenting the teams of people and groups I collaborates with.

I have been producing creative content for my YouTube channel since 2011 as well as writing Astrological reports on my website I also enjoy writing poetry with my own books due for impending release. I enjoy listening and dancing to music as well as learning to play guitar. I am also able to play the drums with plans to write music as a back drop to my poems as recorded songs. 

I truly enjoy all of these creative processes, I explore sharing my creativity within various fields of community it brings a great sense of fulfilment, empowering myself as well as those around me to greater knowledge of our human experience and brings me much continued joy and enthusiasm. I am very happy to share with those whom resonate, if that is you I am here to serve and shall be excited to connect. 



I am here to open up a safe space and listen to your story as told by you through your chart. 

The true gift is coming from within each of our own hearts. All I can offer is space outside.


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